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Hardwood could be the best choice for your home

When it comes to hardwood flooring, you actually have two different options. One is the solid variety that offers an amazing depth of character, sturdy durability, and an exceptional lifespan. The other is engineered wood flooring, which still gives you a gorgeous look and functional stability but with many added extra benefits. Choosing between the two can be accomplished by taking an honest assessment of your specific needs and preferences.

Solid hardwood floors give you brilliance and classic elegance that is practically unrivaled in the flooring industry. Choosing the best species and adding your choice of stain colors and finish types can add just the decor addition you need for a truly finished look. Oil or wax sealants can protect your investment for years to come, helping to alleviate worry associated with much of the daily wear they’ll be exposed to. You can expect an average of 100 years from these floors is properly cared for and maintained.

Engineered flooring will give you an appearance that’s just as gorgeous as the solid type, but with more benefits for the busy household. Instead of being wood through and through, it has a wood veneer that is shielded by a protective wear layer that helps resist stains, scuffs, scratches, pet nails, and more. It has a core that’s made of various woods, layered to create density and stability for performance that works in many areas where solid flooring cannot be placed. Use it in basements, kitchens, and foyers without worrying about water spots and excessive expanding and contracting when temperatures change. You’ll get varying years of lifespan depending on the thickness of the wood veneer.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Holy Hill, FL from McAlister Flooring
Installation methods for these two hardwood flooring types different slightly. Solid flooring requires acclimation prior to installation and it can never be installed below ground level. Some engineered floors must be acclimated, depending on the species and wood thickness you choose. In either case, be sure you choose professional installers who have both the tools and necessary experience to get the job done perfectly.

McAlister Flooring is an excellent place to browse a variety of floor coverings and all the products you’ll need to make them work for you. We also offer professional services that can bring a flooring project together perfectly, no matter how large or small. Stopping by our Daytona Beach, FL showroom will give us the opportunity to assist you with all your needs and we look forward to doing so.